Flutter Statement Jewelry and Accessories is an independent line of 100% handmade, high fashion jewelry pieces made of semiprecious stones, non-tarnish gold aluminum, and other precious materials. We pride ourselves for our adherence to art and our ability to come up with our own original craft techniques. We love spinning gold aluminum into gold art jewelries, hand-stitching semiprecious stones and crystals into embellished showpieces, and experimenting with fanciful beadwork.


Our designs are whimsical and decorative, but tasteful and timeless. Our artisanal jewelries find connection with a niche set of women with seasoned taste, substantial style, and a deep appreciation of art. Each piece is passionately designed and crafted in-house by designer Katrina Ong, with the help of her team of skillful artisans.


Flutter Accessories is available for retail and export, and is currently supplying in the U.S. market and internationally selected indie markets. We are an official member of (PHILEXPORT) Philippine Exporters Confederation Inc.


Flutter Accessories has created contractual jewelry pieces that have been featured in New York Fashion Week, and worn by Hollywood celebrities like song artist Jennifer Lopez. We have supplied for several stylish private boutiques in other countries like Singapore and the United States. Although we have expanded a bit, our creations remain non-mainstream, created in very limited number, and distributed in carefully selected indie marketplaces. We also diversify our designs and create unique collections for each of our clients.



© 2014 by Katrina Ong. All rights reserved.

Flutter Statement Jewelry. © 2014. All rights reserved.