Our Pearl Silver Body Belt rendered as a custom Barbie Doll

Our Pearl Silver Body Belt rendered as a custom Barbie Doll.

We roam around and catch butterflies everywhere—those beautiful, full-grown, four-winged little creatures bursting with life and color. We turn them into sparkling beads and stones that we sew and string into colorful jewelries.


We trap all of our dreams in our beadwork. With the fire of our hearts and hands, we make pieces of paradise from designs that are thoughtful and sweet as nectar.


We lace our jewels with honeysuckle golds and silver linings, making them sparkle like the sun. We play with the different colors of the rainbow to make our own beautiful combinations of color. We sprinkle our pieces with love, hope, and happiness, and lots and lots of spirit.


We are butterfly catchers, spirit weavers, and full-time lovers who make unique costume jewelries that help make the world a prettier and happier place.

We are based in the Philippines, and through our work with Filipino women we reflect together the vibrance of our tropical island life.