Cream Silk's 30 Beyond Beautiful Women of Style and Design

About The Designer:

Katrina Ong has always been a creative spirit who has a strong fixation with colours and all things visually beautiful, and she has learned to channel this into jewellery making. Beadwork has become her language of love, of beauty, and of impalpable things.


When she is not making her jewels, she is also a writer. For 7 years, she has worked as Associate Editor for Metro Society Magazine, a luxury lifestyle magazine under Abs-Cbn Publishing Inc. where she wrote about miscellaneous personalities, and about art and design.


Through her course of being a writer, she has interviewed and written about famous people like Michael Kors, Robert De Niro, Crazy Rich Asians Author Kevin Kwan, the cast of Interior Design Reality TV Shows Million Dollar Decorators and The Apartment, and about fabulous places like The Jo Malone Townhouse in London and the Montblanc headquarters in Hamburg.


During her college days, she made and published her own children’s book entitled Bryan’s Treasure, which is a story about a boy addicted to cybergames, but in the end, gives it up to save his little sister’s life, as they both get engulfed by the world of virtual reality. She also wrote haikus, Japanese poems written in 17 syllables, during her free time.


She also likes to draw and paint in oil, acrylic, and watercolor, finishing some collections like the Secret Angels and Kaleidoscope. She has also painted a series of holy images in oil like Jesus Christ, Mama Mary and the angels to show her devotion to God.

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