How we make our artisanal jewelry:


In creating our artisanal jewels, we always marry the beauty found in nature and made by man. We are passionate in combining earth elements and man made materials to create new works of art that bring substance to a woman’s style.


Gold Aluminum:


We love spinning gold aluminum into uniquely woven gold jewelries. Aluminum is a flexible, lightweight soft metal extracted from mineral-rich ores. It used to be one of the most precious metals back in the 19th century, even more precious than gold or silver. It has the luster and ductility that characterizes a precious metal, but heavy marketing has put it out of the jewelry front line to give way for gold and more commercially controlled precious metals. Hence, we decided to use this as a base material, to stay true to our commitment to showcase pure, unique and original beauty.


Faux Korean Suede:


We use this unique man-made material to create our bohemian jewelry line. Faux Korean Suede is a soft and durable microfiber created with a napped finish that resembles genuine suede. Other than having more resistance to liquids and stains, Korean faux suede is available in a wide spectrum of colors that changes per season. Unlike real leather, it is animal-friendly and will suit the honest lifestyle of the soulful Boho women.


Semiprecious Stones:


Semiprecious stones are mined from the earth’s crust, volcanic rocks, natural caves, lakes and rivers, and rock formations on the mountainsides. Most precious rocks like the Quartz family are formed when different minerals and chemical elements combine from natural processes like volcanic eruption and faulting. Freshwater pearls come from our local freshwater pearl mollusks from Philippine rivers and lakes. We love showcasing the earth’s beauty by incorporating these elements into our art.


Glass beads:


Glass bead making is one of the oldest human arts, dating back to three centuries ago. Skillful glassmakers make them in high heat furnaces. Several precious types of beads that include murano glass, lampwork beads, clay beads and different varieties of glass crystals are created using different manipulations of glass. With its wide array of colors and shapes and its continuous evolution through time, the use of precious glass beads and crystals helps augment our jewelry designs to limitless possibilities.



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